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Marceline is the Vampire Queen. In the beginning of the show, Marceline had an ominous and spooky personallity. In more recent episodes, she is cheery and likes to sing. Marceline was comfirmed to have a strong relationship with Simon .Petrikov(Ice King) in Memory of A Memory and I Remember You. Ice King saved Marceline and kept her happy with a stuffed animal named Hambo during the Great Mushroom War. Ice King purchased a crown that kept him alive but made him irritable and unpleasant. Marceline is seen wearing different clothes in different episodes. Marceline is a near friend of Finn and Jake though she often scares Jake as a joke. Marceline is not fond of her father because he ate her fries when she was a teenager. She has explained this in her song entitled "Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries?" or the "Fry Song." Marceline is very fearless due to surviving the war and wandering the Land of Ooo for many years. It has been confirmed the Marceline is 1000 years old, as well as the Ice King.