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The Lich, Finn the Human, and Jake the Dog is a recent series of episodes in the Adventure Time series. The Lich starts with Finn having a dream about The Lich, a snail, and Billy. The snail is possesed by the Lich and is trying to kill Billy. Finn then wakes up and he goes with Jake to give Billy a visit to make sure he was okay. Billy was outraged asking why Finn and Jake were at his home so early. Finn explained his dream to Billy and Billy asked Finn if he was ready to save all life from the Lich. It was then that Billy and the guys went to take all the gems from the princesses and the Ice King. After they get most of the gems, Finn finds the Enchiridion in Billy's bag. Finn proceeds to taking the book. Billy tells Finn that the book is magical and to turn the sword on the front cover. When he does this, all the gems come toward the book and go into place. All except LSP's star gem that just falls to the ground. They then go to the Candy Kingdom to get the final gem from PB's crown. When they get there, she is doing a science experiment. Finn and Jake sneak in to steal the gem. PB sees them and she tells them that she won't give them the gem. Finn tries to grab it but PB accidentally scratches him with her scissors when she pushes him away. Finn then grabs the gem and Jake takes him outside. You can see Billy towards a random forest and he is telling Finn to hurry. PB then comes forward and screams to Finn that Billy was actually possessed by the Lich. A candy guard alerts about the Lich and shoots him. Finn, thinking that it was Billy, screams out Billy. You can see half of the Lich's head because Billy got shot in the face. Finn takes out the Enchiridion, which looks like it has turned to stone after PB's crown jewel went in, and started smashing it against his leg. Eventually, the book burst and random colors started to appear and a portal showed up. The Lich walks to the portal and Jake holds on to attempt to keep the Lich from getting through the portal. Finn holds on to Jake and they all get pulled through. The episode ends with Farmworld Finn, a new character, playing his flute when his mom calls him. Farmworld Jake is also there. At the end we learn that Finn's full name is Finn Murtons.
Finn the human
Jake the dog

Finn the Human, the second installment of the three episode special, starts with Finn and Jake being pulled through the portal and the Lich running towards Prismo's timeroom.